Author and President of Eurasia Group

Ian Bremmer

America will remain the world’s only superpower for the foreseeable future. But what sort of superpower? What role should America play in the world? What role do you want America to play?

On sale May 19, 2015.


  • Trump: Discussed "adoptions" (read: sanctions) with Putin in second meeting. Those are some serious pleasantries they exchanged.
    1 hour 45 min ago
  • My sentiment entirely. Hopefully President Trump's as well.
    11 hours 40 min ago
  • Trump talks privately w Putin: ✔️ Kremlin translator: ✔️ No readout on meeting: ✔️ WH aide confirms 1 hour long: ✔️ Trump: Fake News!
    12 hours 39 min ago